Ultimate Speakers Package

Effective leaders recognise that part of their work is to influence others. As such, a powerful leader will educate, persuade, and motivate the people around them, including employees, stakeholders, and clients. 

Since leaders have many platforms to influence others – from chance encounters to actively communicating with others in their company – they frequently do this by presenting at meetings, opting to mentor and coach, and even through structured educational programs.

Influence doesn’t happen only through passing on information or presenting data on slides. Influential leaders move others when they emotionally connect with people by inspiring them to act through a better understanding of a topic. They know that being compelling is the ability to change another person’s thought processes and corresponding behaviours, to ones that they are able to maintain. An influential leader knows that the power of influence increases because of the impact of storytelling.

The Ultimate Speakers Package is for those who want to deliver a keynote or TEDx talk to persuade, motivate or inspire others to think differently. These types of speeches require specific skills to build on ideas, crafting the message around that topic, keeping it clear and concise, ensuring that there is a significant takeaway for the audience to remember by tailoring the speech and any visual aids to your narrative and brand.

By the end of the Ultimate Speakers Package, you will be able to craft any keynote speech or TEDx talk in a way that engages and proactively motivates your listeners to your call to action or make the changes you would like to see.

Over three, two-hour sessions, we intensively work on:

  • Development of the idea and message you want to convey.
  • Begin structuring your speech and organising it so you correctly transition through each speech section.
  • Use of visual aids and how to use them effectively.
  • Where to use vocal variety and use of the powerful pause to cause impact in your presentation.
  • Use appropriate body language to enhance your speech.
  • Delivery of your completed presentation and receive the final feedback.