Often, when building your brand, you will need to do it through a variety of channels. One of which is your ability to communicate clearly and concisely, with confidence and charm when promoting your products, skills, or services. You will need to speak well so that you can showcase your skills to your listener. You want to establish your credibility with your audience as you deliver information about your brand.

Create an engaging elevator pitch

Having a polished elevator speech is one of the most important things you can do to help promote your brand, ensure that what you say has a point of difference from other competitors in your marketplace, and make sure it stands out from the crowd. An elevator pitch is a 30-60 second speech you would give if you were in an elevator with someone who asks you what you do for a living. Your elevator pitch will need to sound interesting and authentic since it’s designed to evoke a desire in the other person to find out more about you and your brand.

Adding value

I don’t know of anyone who enjoys feeling like they are being given the hard sell; that probably includes you too. Therefore, as someone promoting your brand, you’ll need to be mindful during your follow-on delivery from your elevator pitch. You’ll need to be seen as a leader in your field by delivering valuable, exciting, and worthwhile information on a subject that links to your specialty. Your brand will then be more likely to appeal to your listeners, where they see a need to invest in your product.

Engaging your audience

It does take time and effort to learn the fundamentals of public speaking. However, the benefits offered far outweigh any time you put in. Every part of your life is enriched, including your confidence in promoting your brand. As you practice, you’ll feel more comfortable with what you are saying as you deliver your speech, which will be felt by your listeners, who will feel your authenticity. With the demands of life today, the majority of people we speak to are incredibly time-poor. They are not looking to be ‘talked at’. They want to be entertained, and they wish to listen to content delivered memorably. Keeping eye contact without being awkward is important, as is body language and vocal variety. However, remember you’re trying to be charismatic and not an actor when engaging your listener as they will feel and see the difference. Give the listener a chance to ask questions if you’re communicating one-on-one. If you’re speaking to an audience, allow for pauses (not too long – perhaps 3 seconds for the audience to process what you’re saying), and don’t speak too quickly, or you’ll lose your listener.

Create a call to action

This is the time where you can convert some audience members into paying clients. Perhaps offering a complimentary 20-30-minute consultation via a phone call or over coffee to provide more information to the individual or business and learn more about their area of interest or concern. Once the person or company representative decides they would like to work with you, you can offer a customised program to help them achieve their communications goals. By offering a way to keep in touch, whether by phone, email or over coffee, you solidify your position with your audience. You can achieve this by providing leaflets that contain additional information on your business, or you could invite the audience to sign up for your newsletter. You will need to add all of your chosen methods to your presentation. Therefore, you will need to work it into the end of your speech.

Use social media to post a video of your speech

You broaden your target audience by recording your speeches and then posting them on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. This is also an excellent way to show people what it would be like to work with you should they engage your services. How you’re the one that they need to provide the value they’ve been looking for.

Samantha Richards is a Public Speaking and Communications Consultant and founder of ‘Building Voices Communication’. She is an award-winning public speaker who is the top female public speaking coach in Australia (Yahoo Finance). She is currently studying for a Diploma in Counselling and is passionate about helping others communicate confidently.